The List (stamps)

The following stamps have been identified to have a connection to March 4:
CountryIssue dateScott #SubjectDenom.
AustraliaMarch419931311World Heritage Sites in Australia - Uluru (Ayers Rock)45c
AustraliaMarch419931312World Heritage Sites in Australia - Fraser Island85c
AustraliaMarch419931313World Heritage Sites in Australia - Shark Bay95c
AustraliaMarch419931314World Heritage Sites in Australia - Kakadu$2
AustraliaMarch420082799Pope Benedict XVI; light blue50c
AustraliaMarch420082800Pope Benedict XVI; pink$1.35
AustraliaMarch420082801Pope Benedict XVI; light green$2
AustraliaMarch420082802Pope Benedict XVI; pink, self-adhesive booklet stamp$1.35
AustraliaMarch420082802aPope Benedict XVI; pink, self-adhesive booklet pane of 5$1.35
AustraliaMarch420082803Pope Benedict XVI; light green, self-adhesive booklet stamp$2
AustraliaMarch420082803aPope Benedict XVI; light green, self-adhesive booklet pane of 5$2
AustraliaMarch420082804Pope Benedict XVI; light blue, with personalized photo50c
AustraliaMarch420082805Pope Benedict XVI; pink, with personalized photo$1.35
AustraliaMarch420082806Pope Benedict XVI; light green, with personalized photo$2
Preserving the poles: Snow Pretel$0.55
Preserving the poles: Jade Iceberg$2.05
AustriaMarch41966757PTT building, emblem and churches1.50s
AzoresMarch4189465Portugal no. 97 overprinted5r
AzoresMarch4189466Portugal no. 98 overprinted10r
AzoresMarch4189467Portugal no. 99 overprinted15r
AzoresMarch4189468Portugal no. 100 overprinted20r
AzoresMarch4189469Portugal no. 101 overprinted25r
AzoresMarch4189470Portugal no. 102 overprinted50r
AzoresMarch4189471Portugal no. 103 overprinted75r
AzoresMarch4189472Portugal no. 104 overprinted80r
AzoresMarch4189473Portugal no. 105 overprinted100r
AzoresMarch4189474Portugal no. 106 overprinted150r
AzoresMarch4189475Portugal no. 107 overprinted300r
AzoresMarch4189476Portugal no. 108 overprinted500r
AzoresMarch4189477Portugal no. 109 overprinted1000r
BarbadosMarch41991795birds - yellow warbler10c
BarbadosMarch41991796birds - male, female and nest20c
BarbadosMarch41991797birds - female and chicks45c
BarbadosMarch41991798birds - male and fledgling$1
BelarusMarch41999300glassware in National History and Culture Museum - goblet30,000r
BelarusMarch41999301glassware in National History and Culture Museum - three pieces30,000r
BelarusMarch41999302glassware in National History and Culture Museum - lamp100,000r
BelgiumMarch419961601liberal party 150th anniversary16fr
BelgiumMarch420021900restorations and new architecture42c
BelgiumMarch420021901classical and contemporary music42c
BelgiumMarch420021902classical exhibitions and contemporary art42c
BelgiumMarch420021903Anna Bijns, poet42c
BelgiumMarch420021904Anna Boch, painter84c
BelgiumMarch41985B1040Belgian Red Cross transfusion service - tree9+2fr
BelgiumMarch41985B1041Belgian Red Cross transfusion service - hearts23+5fr
BoliviaMarch420051233Rotary International, horizontal pair
BoliviaMarch420051233aRotary International, PolioPlus emblem and map of Bolivia3b
BoliviaMarch420051233Rotary International, Paul Harris and flag of Bolivia3b
CanadaMarch41981879Clubwomen - Emily Stowe and Toronto General Hospital17c
CanadaMarch41981880Clubwomen - Louise McKinney and Alberta legislative building17c
CanadaMarch41981881Clubwomen - Idola Saint-Jean and Quebec legislative building17c
CanadaMarch41981882Clubwomen - Henrietta Edwards17c
CanadaMarch41981882aClubwomen - block of four, 879-882
CanadaMarch42005Expo 2005, Japan50c
Faroe IslandsMarch42013600Soren Kiekegaard35k
FranceMarch420113973Tristan Corbiére75c
French Southern & Antarctic TerritoriesMarch42005356Return of the ship "Franҫais" (stamp and label)€4.50
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745Awarding of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama with U.S. map, sheet of four$2.50
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745aObama and Alaska, Western and Central U.S.
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745bObama and Greenland, Northern U.S. and Great Lakes
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745cObama and Southern U.S. and Mexico
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745dObama and Southeastern U.S. and Northern South America
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102746Orchids - dendrophylax lindenii$1.20
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102747Orchids - scaphyglottis imbricata$1.80
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102748Orchids - encyclia ceratistes$3.00
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102749Orchids - scaphyglottis stellata$5.00
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750Orchids, sheet of four$2.50
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750aOrchids - oncidium excavatum
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750bOrchids - brassovola nodosa
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750cOrchids - cattleya gaskelliana
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750dOrchids - phalaenopsis cultivars
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102751Orchids, souvenir sheet of 2750a, 2750b$3.00
HungaryMarch420114186Tourist attractions - Pauline Piarist Church, Sátoralaújhely160fo
HungaryMarch420114187Tourist attractions - Royal Palace of Gödöllő220fo
IndiaMarch420011886150th anniversary of the Geological Survey of India3r
IrelandMarch41993887Irish impressionist paintings - Evening at Tangier by Sir John Lavery28p
IrelandMarch41993888Irish impressionist paintings - The Goose Girl by William J. Leech32p
IrelandMarch41993888aIrish impressionist paintings - booklet pane of 887 and 888
IrelandMarch41993889Irish impressionist paintings - La Jeune Bretonne by Roderic O'Connor44p
IrelandMarch41993890Irish impressionist paintings - Lustre Jug by Walter Osborne52p
IrelandMarch41993890aIrish impressionist paintings - booklet pane of 889 and 890
IrelandMarch41993890bIrish impressionist paintings - booklet pane of 887 through 890
ItalyMarch42005265314th Art Quadrennial, Rome45c
LiechtensteinMarch41991955Europa - Telecommunications satellite Olympus I50rp
LiechtensteinMarch41991956Europa - Weather satellite Meteosat90rp
LiechtensteinMarch41991957St. Ignatius of Loyola80rp
LiechtensteinMarch41991958Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart90rp
LiechtensteinMarch41991959United Nations membership, 19902.50fr
MacedoniaMarch4201155450th anniversary of the first man in space40d
NetherlandsMarch41980594Alexander de Savornin Lohman45c
NetherlandsMarch41980595Pieter Jelles Troelstra50c
NetherlandsMarch41980596Pieter Jacobus Oud60c
NetherlandsMarch41986678Sexbierum Windmill Test Station inauguration70c
NetherlandsMarch420031144Johann Enschedé Printers; horizontal pair€0.78
NetherlandsMarch420031144aJohann Enschedé Printers; single, design 1€0.39
NetherlandsMarch420031144bJohann Enschedé Printers; single, design 2€0.39
Netherlands AntillesMarch41992B2891992 Summer Olympics; strip of 3200c+90c
Netherlands AntillesMarch41992B289a1992 Summer Olympics; single, design 130c+10c
Netherlands AntillesMarch41992B289b1992 Summer Olympics; single, design 255c+25c
Netherlands AntillesMarch41992B289c1992 Summer Olympics; single, design 3115c+55c
NevisMarch4200212912002 New Year – Year of the Horse; sheet of 4$1.60
NevisMarch420021291a2002 New Year; single, brown and white horse
NevisMarch420021291b2002 New Year; single, horse showing ribs
NevisMarch420021291c2002 New Year; single, horse with tassel
NevisMarch420021291d2002 New Year; single, gray horse
NevisMarch420041381Paintings; still life, by Cézanne30c
NevisMarch420041382Paintings; The Smoker, by Cézanne90c
NevisMarch420041383Paintings; Girl with a Fan, by Renoir$2.00
NevisMarch420041384Paintings; Grove, by Derain$5.00
NevisMarch420041385Paintings; Lady in the Garden, by Monet$5.00
NevisMarch420041386Norman Rockwell paintings; sheet of 4
NevisMarch420041386aThe Morning After, by Rockwell
NevisMarch420041386bSolitaire, by Rockwell
NevisMarch420041386cEaster Morning, by Rockwell
NevisMarch420041386dWalking to Church, by Rockwell
NevisMarch420041387The Graduate, by Rockwell$5.00
NevisMarch420041388Picasso paintings; sheet of 4$2.00
NevisMarch420041388aWoman with a Hat, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041388bSeated Woman, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041388cPortrait of Nusch Eluard, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041388dWoman in a Straw Hat, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041389Picasso paintings; sheet of 4$2.00
NevisMarch420041389aL'Arlésienne, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041389bThe Mirror, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041389cRepose, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041389dPortrait of Paul Eluard, by Picasso
NevisMarch420041390Portrait of Nusch Eluard, by Picasso$5.00
NevisMarch420041391Reclining Woman with a Book, by Picasso
New CaledoniaMarch41972395Sea shells – scorpion conch1fr
New CaledoniaMarch41972396Sea shells – common spider conch3fr
New CaledoniaMarch41981462Belep Islands26fr
New CaledoniaMarch41972C89Sea shells – orange spider conch25fr
New CaledoniaMarch41972C90Sea shells – chiragra spider conch50fr
New ZealandMarch420092238Tourist attractions; sheet of 2
New ZealandMarch420092238aTourist attractions; Franz Josef Glacier
New ZealandMarch420092239Giant moa50c
New ZealandMarch420092240Colossal squid$1.00
New ZealandMarch420092241Southern right whale$1.50
New ZealandMarch420092242Giant eagle$2.00
New ZealandMarch420092243Giant weta$2.50
New ZealandMarch420092243aGiants of New Zealand; sheet of 2239-2243
NicaraguaMarch419831225Visit of Pope John Paul II; peace banner50c
NicaraguaMarch419831226Visit of Pope John Paul II; map, girl picking coffee1cor
NicaraguaMarch419831227Visit of Pope John Paul II; Rafael Rivas and Pope4cor
NicaraguaMarch419831228Visit of Pope John Paul II; Pope, Managua Cathedral7cor
NicaraguaMarch419831229Visit of Pope John Paul II; souvenir sheet15cor
NigerMarch41967194Lions International, 50th anniversary50fr
NigerMarch41974297World Population Year 197450fr
Norfolk IslandMarch41988426Bicentennial type: Lt. Philip Gidley King5c
Norfolk IslandMarch41988429Bicentennial type: Flag raising on Norfolk Island37c
Norfolk IslandMarch41988430Bicentennial type: Lt. King and search party55c
Norfolk IslandMarch41988431Bicentennial type: Landfall, Sydney Bay70c
Norfolk IslandMarch41988433Bicentennial type: HMS Supply90c
Norfolk IslandMarch41988436Bicentennial type: First settlement, Sydney Bay$1
NorwayMarch41946B43Crown Prince Olav; surtax for war victims10o+10o
NorwayMarch41946B44Crown Prince Olav; surtax for war victims15o+10o
NorwayMarch41946B45Crown Prince Olav; surtax for war victims20o+10o
NorwayMarch41946B46Crown Prince Olav; surtax for war victims30o+10o
PalauMarch41991259Staghorn coral30c
PalauMarch41991260Velvet leather coral30c
PalauMarch41991261Van Gogh's cypress coral30c
PalauMarch41991262Violet lace coral30c
PalauMarch41991262aCoral – block of four4x30c
PalauMarch41999485Personalities: Haruo Remiliik1c
PalauMarch41999486Personalities: Lazarus Salil2c
PalauMarch41999487Personalities: Charlie W. Gibbons20c
PalauMarch41999488Personalities: Adm. Raymond A. Spruance22c
PalauMarch41999489Personalities: Kuniwo Nakamura33c
PalauMarch41999490Personalities: Adm. William F. Halsey50c
PalauMarch41999491Personalities: Col. Lewis "Chesty" Puller55c
PalauMarch41999492Personalities: Franklin D. Roosevelt60c
PalauMarch41999493Personalities: Harry S. Truman77c
PalauMarch41999494Personalities: Jimmy Carter$3.20
PalauMarch42002670Flowers: Euanthe sanderiana20c
PalauMarch42002671Flowers: Ophiorrhiza palauensis34c
PalauMarch42002672Flowers: Cerbera manghas60c
PalauMarch42002673Flowers: Mendinilla pterocaula80c
PalauMarch42002674Flowers – sheet of 6
PalauMarch42002674aFlowers: Bruguiera gymnorhiza60c
PalauMarch42002674bFlowers: Samadera indiccal60c
PalauMarch42002674cFlowers: Maesa canfieldiae60c
PalauMarch42002674dFlowers: Lumnitzera litorea60c
PalauMarch42002674eFlowers: Dolichandrone palawense60c
PalauMarch42002674fFlowers: Limnophila aromatica (red/white)60c
PalauMarch42002675Flowers – sheet of 6
PalauMarch42002675aFlowers: Sonneratia alba60c
PalauMarch42002675bFlowers: Barringtonia racemosa60c
PalauMarch42002675cFlowers: Ixora casei60c
PalauMarch42002675dFlowers: Tristellateia australasiae60c
PalauMarch42002675eFlowers: Nepenthes mirabilis60c
PalauMarch42002675fFlowers: Limnophila aromatica (pink)60c
PalauMarch42002676Flowers – souvenir sheet: Fagraea ksid$2
PalauMarch42002677Flowers – souvenir sheet: Cerbera manghas$2
PanamaMarch41963CB4C274 surcharged – UPAE emblem5c+5c
PanamaMarch41963CB5C275 surcharged – "Freindship 7" capsule and globe10c+10c
PanamaMarch41963CB6C276 surcharged – capsule in space15c+31c
Papua New GuineaMarch41964182First common roll elections5p
Papua New GuineaMarch41964183First common roll elections2sh 3p
PeruMarch419941065National Council on Science and Tech., 25 anniv.1s
PeruMarch420051474Luis Alva Talledo1.50s
PhilippinesMarch419791389Rosa Sevilla de Alvero birth centenary30s
PhilippinesMarch419871849Ratification of constitution: President Aquino taking oath1p
PhilippinesMarch419871850Ratification of constitution: Constitution text5.50p
PhilippinesMarch419922048aFlowers: Gardenia; inscribed "1992"60s
PhilippinesMarch419952350International School Manila 75th anniv.2p
PhilippinesMarch419952351International School Manila 75th anniv.8p
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196888International human rights year1c
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196889International human rights year2c
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196890International human rights year25c
PortugalMarch419941987Prince Henry the Navigator140e
PortugalMarch420093104Molecular models32c
PortugalMarch420093105Multiplication equations32c
QatarMarch41985670International Youth Year50d
QatarMarch41985671International Youth Year1r
RussiaMarch419521619N. V. Gogol and characters from "Taras Bulba"40k
RussiaMarch419521620N. V. Gogol and V. G. Belinski60k
RussiaMarch419521621N. V. Gogol and Ukranian peasants1r
RussiaMarch419541690Arms type of 194840k
RussiaMarch419541691Arms type of 19481r
RussiaMarch419804814Paintings - Rainbow by A. K. Savrasov6k
RussiaMarch419804815Paintings - Summer Harvest by A. G. Venetsianov6k
RussiaMarch419804816Paintings - Old Erevan by M. S. Saryan6k
RussiaMarch419814915Abkhazian Autonomous SSR 60th anniversary4k
RussiaMarch419825020State University of Tartu 350th anniversary4k
RussiaMarch4198250219th International Cardiologists Congress, Moscow15k
RussiaMarch420036752Yaroslav Murdy (the Wise), Grand Prince of Kiev8r
RussiaMarch420036753Vladimir II Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kiev8r
RussiaMarch420036754Daniel Aleksandrovich Moscowski, Grand Prince of Moscow8r
RussiaMarch420036755Ivan II Ivanovich Krasny (the Red), Grand Prince of Moscow8r
St. Pierre & MiquelonMarch41963362Birds - eider ducks50c
St. Pierre & MiquelonMarch41963363Birds - rock ptarmigan1fr
St. Pierre & MiquelonMarch41963364Birds - ringed plovers2fr
St. Pierre & MiquelonMarch41963365Birds - blue-winged teal6fr
St. Pierre & MiquelonMarch41989513Judo competitions 25th anniversary5fr
El SalvadorMarch41983958Visit of Pope John Paul II25c
El SalvadorMarch41983959Monument to the Divine Savior60c
El SalvadorMarch419931344Agape Social Welfare Organization, block of two
El SalvadorMarch419931344aDivine Providence Church1col
El SalvadorMarch419931344bPeople, symbols of love and peace1col
SlovakiaMarch42011612Easter - Meringue Lamb40c
SpainMarch420113784Sigüenza Cathedral€2.84
UkraineMarch42005581Paintings by Ivan Aivazovskyi (pair and label)
UkraineMarch42005581aPaintings: Sea - Koktebel, 185345k
UkraineMarch42005581bPaintings: Towers on the Rock Near the Bosporus, 185945k
United StatesMarch41941903Vermont statehood 150th anniversary
United StatesMarch419521007AAA 50th anniversary
United StatesMarch419791774Albert Einstein15¢
UruguayMarch420112332Las Llamadas by Carlos Páez Vilaró - souvenir sheet37p

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