January 19, 2011

Hello world

I know, this is just what I need, yet another blog to update periodically.  The thing is, I didn't have a good place for this information already and wanted to work on this project a little more.  What is this project?  Like I mention in the blog description, one of the topics that I collect in philately is the anniversary date of March 4.  I am doing a bit of research on the various events that have happened on this anniversary date throughout history, and this blog will give me a place to share some of that research.  I don't plan on making a post every single day, but as I find more information that fits, I'll add it here.  I have a lot of other projects, as you can see in the sidebar to the blog, but this is one project that won't be going away anytime soon.

So, let's march forth into this collecting topic!

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