January 23, 2011

Recent additions to The List

I had some time this weekend, so I looked through the next few countries in my Scott Catalogue.  Here are the next few that I found that were issued on March 4...

CountryIssue dateScott #SubjectDenom.
PhilippinesMarch419791389Rosa Sevilla de Alvero birth centenary30s
PhilippinesMarch419871849Ratification of constitution: President Aquino taking oath1p
PhilippinesMarch419871850Ratification of constitution: Constitution text5.50p
PhilippinesMarch419922048aFlowers: Gardenia; inscribed "1992"60s
PhilippinesMarch419952350International School Manila 75th anniv.2p
PhilippinesMarch419952351International School Manila 75th anniv.8p
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196888International human rights year1c
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196889International human rights year2c
Pitcairn IslandsMarch4196890International human rights year25c
PortugalMarch419941987Prince Henry the Navigator140e
PortugalMarch420093104Molecular models32c
PortugalMarch420093105Multiplication equations32c
QatarMarch41985670International Youth Year50d
QatarMarch41985671International Youth Year1r

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