June 11, 2011

Recent additions to The List

With this update, we finally add stamps issued in 2011.

CountryIssue dateScott #SubjectDenom.
SlovakiaMarch42011612Easter - Meringue Lamb40c
SpainMarch420113784Sig├╝enza Cathedral€2.84

A quick check of the postal websites for these countries reveals that the Slovakian stamp is available for purchase (and I've just ordered a few singles and a first day cover of it). I don't see an ordering page for Spain's stamp, but there is an information page on this issue.

Update: Okay, there is a way to order from the Spanish post website. You will need a login on their site, and I don't remember enough Spanish from when I studied the language in the 1980s to create an account of my own.

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