July 9, 2011

Recent additions to The List

Today I had a chance to look through the November 2010 issue of Linn's Stamp News Special Edition. There weren't an overwhelming number of new issues for this collecting topic, but Grenada Grenadines issued two different series on March 4, 2010. They were...

CountryIssue dateScott #SubjectDenom.
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745Awarding of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama with U.S. map, sheet of four$2.50
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745aObama and Alaska, Western and Central U.S.
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745bObama and Greenland, Northern U.S. and Great Lakes
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745cObama and Southern U.S. and Mexico
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102745dObama and Southeastern U.S. and Northern South America
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102746Orchids - dendrophylax lindenii$1.20
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102747Orchids - scaphyglottis imbricata$1.80
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102748Orchids - encyclia ceratistes$3.00
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102749Orchids - scaphyglottis stellata$5.00
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750Orchids, sheet of four$2.50
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750aOrchids - oncidium excavatum
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750bOrchids - brassovola nodosa
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750cOrchids - cattleya gaskelliana
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102750dOrchids - phalaenopsis cultivars
Grenada GrenadinesMarch420102751Orchids, souvenir sheet of 2750a, 2750b$3.00

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