December 11, 2011

Today’s find–a 1920 cover from New York

With a collecting topic as specific as mine, I’ve got a few item alerts set up on a couple of the auction sites.  Usually, they match with items that have the word “March” and the number “4” somewhere in the description, but not in the single phrase “March 4.”  Yeah, I know I could fix that with judicious use of Boolean operators, but at one email every couple days, this is working out okay so far.

Anyways, today I opened my email and found a link to this fixed price item at BidStart.  It’s a regular mail cover with a pair of Scott # 498 stamps and a New York cancellation dated March 4, 1920.  The seller didn’t crop the scan of the cover to give me a good look, and the stamps are listed in my copy of Scott as 25¢ used; I’m not expecting anything super fantastic with this item.  At $2.50 and free shipping, it’s within my budget, so I hit the buy button.  Sure, the seller only has one positive feedback as a buyer and no feedback as a seller yet (and my own feedback is only at 6 positive as a buyer right now), but at this price, I can afford the risk.

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