January 16, 2012

Hey, put that away!

Today is another something a little different…  I’m still going through scanning items from my collection this week, and I have something else to look at that isn’t necessarily within my March 4 collecting topic.

JA-898aI’ve liked the images that Japan has used on stamps for some time.  I also like blocks of stamps, and se-tenant blocks are even more interesting.  So here’s a se-tenant pair from Japan, issued on October 23, 1966.  The stamps were issued to commemorate the 21st National Athletic Meet in Otia, Japan, beginning on October 23 and running through October 28.  I like this pair because it looks like the rifleman in the left-hand stamp is aiming is weapon at the man who also looks like he’s running away in the right-hand stamp.  Now if I could find this pair with a March 4 cancellation on it, then I’d be set.

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