January 25, 2012

So where’s the app?

Looking through my copies of the Scott Catalogues this week (I’m still working off the 2002 catalogue for the end of the alphabet), got me wondering again about the iPad app that was promised at an announcement last summer.  A quick search later, I find that the app is still in development, but they’re at least making progress on it.  A December 16 post on the Virtual Stamp Club discussion boards by Charles Snee, the new Scott Catalogue editor, notes that the app is now in internal beta testing.

When the app project was announced last summer, there was talk of it getting all the data from the server and not downloading the entire worldwide catalogue to the device.  In effect, this would put the whole catalogue and any updates into the app.  Now that makes me wonder about the potential price of the app.  Since a complete set of the catalogues in print runs into the $400 range, will that translate to a $400 iPad app?  Will it be priced as a $30 app with an annual subscription?  Will current Linn’s Stamp News subscribers get access to the database as a benefit of an existing subscription?  I’m hoping for the last of these options, but whatever price is set, we should know the answer soon.

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