March 22, 2012

Several more added to The List

I had some extra time today, so I scanned through a few more countries in my copy of the Scott Catalogue.  Here's what I found to add today...

CountryIssue dateScott #SubjectDenom.
AzoresMarch4189465Portugal no. 97 overprinted5r
AzoresMarch4189466Portugal no. 98 overprinted10r
AzoresMarch4189467Portugal no. 99 overprinted15r
AzoresMarch4189468Portugal no. 100 overprinted20r
AzoresMarch4189469Portugal no. 101 overprinted25r
AzoresMarch4189470Portugal no. 102 overprinted50r
AzoresMarch4189471Portugal no. 103 overprinted75r
AzoresMarch4189472Portugal no. 104 overprinted80r
AzoresMarch4189473Portugal no. 105 overprinted100r
AzoresMarch4189474Portugal no. 106 overprinted150r
AzoresMarch4189475Portugal no. 107 overprinted300r
AzoresMarch4189476Portugal no. 108 overprinted500r
AzoresMarch4189477Portugal no. 109 overprinted1000r
BarbadosMarch41991795birds - yellow warbler10c
BarbadosMarch41991796birds - male, female and nest20c
BarbadosMarch41991797birds - female and chicks45c
BarbadosMarch41991798birds - male and fledgling$1
BelarusMarch41999300glassware in National History and Culture Museum - goblet30,000r
BelarusMarch41999301glassware in National History and Culture Museum - three pieces30,000r
BelarusMarch41999302glassware in National History and Culture Museum - lamp100,000r
BelgiumMarch419961601liberal party 150th anniversary16fr
BelgiumMarch420021900restorations and new architecture42c
BelgiumMarch420021901classical and contemporary music42c
BelgiumMarch420021902classical exhibitions and contemporary art42c
BelgiumMarch420021903Anna Bijns, poet42c
BelgiumMarch420021904Anna Boch, painter84c
BelgiumMarch41985B1040Belgian Red Cross transfusion service - tree9+2fr
BelgiumMarch41985B1041Belgian Red Cross transfusion service - hearts23+5fr

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