February 19, 2011

These stamps really are marching forth

I live in Wisconsin, and anyone who listens to the national news has heard about the protests outside our state capitol building in opposition to our new governor's recent budget proposal.  My family was affected by the protests since a majority of teachers in the Madison school district called in sick to attend the protest; the city schools have been closed for three days (and may close again next week) as a result of the staff shortage. 

While this subject isn't really within the March 4 anniversary topic, this image that a friend of mine shot at the protest caught my eye for this blog (photo by Mandie Haberman, used here with permission).

The protester used a number of U.S. postage stamps to decorate his sign.  Among the stamps honoring veterans and the Veterans' Administration are several copies of the breast cancer semipostal stamp, a strip of the movie monster stamps and a few Simpsons stamps.  Had the protest occurred on March 4, I would be trying to find this person to see if I could purchase his sign to add to my topical collection.  But as it is, I loved the idea that these stamps really are marching forth today.

There are more photos of the protests at my friend's photography blog post: What Wisconsin had to say.

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