March 2, 2011

Making a March 4 souvenir

So it's now March 2, and although I haven't made one in the past, I'm considering making a cachet to commemorate March 4 this year and have it postmarked on Friday.  The trouble is coming up with a suitable subject to show in the graphic and what stamps to use with it.  Right now the top contender is something representative of the Chinese new year to go along with the U.S. stamp issued on January 22, but as that was almost two months ago, I'm a little hesitant.  I would like to do something with the quill and inkwell stamp that was issued on February 14, since that's the latest U.S. stamp issued before this year's March 4 anniversary, but I'm uncertain if my local post office would have those available.  Maybe I'll do something related to the Liberty Bell since I still have a few of those Forever stamps in my usable postage drawer...  Hmmm.....

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