July 31, 2011

So what is that other site?

Okay, it’s official now.  I got the password for the other website I mentioned previously, and I think it’s safe to announce here now (at least I haven’t been told not to announce this anywhere, so here goes…).

I am now the webmaster for the American Topical Association.  See, I told you it was related to what I’m doing here. The ATA site that is now live was introduced at the National Topical Stamp Show in Milwaukee last month, so I’ve been asked not to make extreme changes to the site right away.  But I can tell you that there will be some changes coming to the site soon.  Yes, I know, change is scary; I’ll be working on gradual implementation of features that have already been identified as requested improvements.  Right now, my first task with the ATA site is to study the directory structure and learn how the site is put together so I can make updates as noted by the ATA leadership.  For the future, there will likely be a migration to a content management system (which one is yet to be determined) so new features can be more easily and quickly added to the site.

My next task will be to identify what features are needed on the site and what tools already exist to make their addition practical.  Watch for a post on the ATA site with thoughts and plans for the future as well as requests for feedback from ATA members and the general public.  Since I don’t know exactly what will be installed there yet, I don’t have a timeline for site upgrades.  Again, watch the ATA site for more information, but feel free to leave comments here too.

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