September 19, 2011

New additions to The List

The new issue of Linn’s Stamp News arrived in my mailbox this week.  After reading through the Amazing Stamp Stories, which continues to be the first regular column that I will always read, the next task for me is to scan through the New Issues list.  This month, there are two new issues listed that fall into the March 4 topic:
Country Issue date Scott # Subject Denom.
Hungary March 4 2011 4186 Tourist attractions - Pauline Piarist Church, Sátoralaújhely 160fo
Hungary March 4 2011 4187 Tourist attractions - Royal Palace of Gödöllo 220fo

A quick look at the Magyar Posta website shows these stamps available as a set for 380fo (currently US$1.81), and shipping adds about $7 to the price.  So, yeah, I ordered it.  The site in Hungarian probably would have let me add more options to my order, but I don’t speak the language so I had to settle with using their English language translation.

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