December 31, 2011

Updating the single pages

You might have noticed that the blogroll was removed from the right-hand column and that there are now a couple of new links at the top of the blog.  This was done to simplify editing and speed loading time for both me as blogger and you as reader.

The blogroll list had quickly become way too big to keep on the sidebar with the latest binge of blog following that I did this week.  With such a large list, loading the blog was noticeably slower as it had to query all of those external sites for both their favicon and their last update timestamp and then sort the data and display it in the correct format here.  So all of the links to external pages that aren’t part of a blog post text are now on the blogroll page.

The other big change in the single page links is that The List is now split into two pages: one for stamps and one for events.  I expect both of these pages to grow over time as new stamps are issued and older stamps are discovered, and as new events occur on future March 4s.  Also, with the list split into a stamp list and an event list, I don’t have to list stamps or events twice, just once for the appropriate list.  This will greatly help in maintenance and readability of The List.

There are a couple more pages that I might add to the links at the top, so watch the link bar for them.  I’ve also tweaked the site template a little to make things fit a little better.  What do you think?

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