January 7, 2012

Found: fun first flight from Florida for fourth ‘48 featuring fish, franked Franklin’s four freedoms!

Yeah, that’s an amazing amount of alliteration, but how many times am I going to be able to say that I found a first flight cover postmarked in Florida on March 4, 1948, on a cachet that includes pictures of fish and using Franklin D. Roosevelt and the four freedoms stamp (Scott # 933)?  Yeah, fifteen words (and that’s another meta title word) starting with F in the title!

My email today had notice of a new auction item that was just that.  At $3 to purchase and free shipping, you bet I put my money down.  I could have offered $4 to extend the alliteration even further, but he was asking $3, so I got to save a dollar.  I must admit that it wasn’t the alliteration that made me push the buy button, even if it did make a wonderful blog post title, it was that the cover is signed by the postmaster of Leesburg, Florida, where the cover was mailed.  Now if only there was a synonym for autograph that also started with F…

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