March 3, 2013

A discovery in a mystery box

SCAN1768Yesterday I went to Stampfest 2013, sponsored by the Milwaukee Philatelic Society, in West Allis (a suburb of Milwaukee).  I found a few covers that fit into my March 4 collecting topic, and I hope to have them scanned and posted soon too, but there was nowhere near the quantity that I’ve found at other shows.  So I looked around a little more and picked up a mystery box of worldwide stamps to have something more to search through when I got home.  There were many stamps in the box that were new to my collection, there were a few more train stamps for my ferroequnately collection, and there was exactly one March 4 cancellation that I found within the box.

This is Scott # 1109, issued on February 26, 2003, just a few days before it was used for this example, as part of a set of 5 stamps showing vintage automobiles.  My copy of the 2011 Scott catalog lists the set at $5.50, so this stamp with a clear cancel in my collecting topic was a good find.  There was another copy of this stamp in the box, so I have one for my general worldwide collection too.

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  1. The web is apparently a small world. Mom found your cat's blog ( and saw the link to this blog. She collects stamps....most recently world cat stamps. And she has family in Milwaukee.